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Our Field Sales Representatives

Cary Brett Berman – President/Founder:  born in Philadelphia, PA.

Graduated Philadelphia University with a Bachelor of Science Degree. Sales authority spanning numerous industries over four decades. Always the innovator, Cary holds two U.S. Patents for two of his inventions as well as four U.S. Trademarks for four known brand names. AFIP Certified. He is an expert in vehicle protection products with an emphasis on the vehicle service contract industry. He does what he says he is going to do. Cary is the proud father of his son, Alexander and daughters Colby and Logan. He enjoys the beach with his long-time love, Ro, and is a big fan of Villanova, the Flyers and a long-time Eagles season ticket holder. Cary enjoys being the PA announcer for five youth football teams. Call him at 610-227-5600 or email him at cary@cbamoney.com.

Carl Jackson

Carl Jackson: Vice President


Carl has over 25 years of experience in the retail and manufacturer sides of the automotive industry with positions at General Motors, Lotus Cars USA, and MOPAR Vehicle Protection. He has a deep knowledge of the extensive suite of participation programs available as well as extensive F&I retail and training experience to help our dealers make more money. Carl is an avid runner and enjoys hiking in the Columbia Gorge and mountains in the Pacific Northwest.

Contact him at 503-305-0693 or email him at carlj@cbamoney.com

George Berkholder

George Berkholder: Regional Sales Manager


George has over thirty years of automotive management experience. He has held numerous executive positions in large dealership corporations. George has served as F&I Training Director and has written many F&I training platforms. He has also had training and management rolls with some of the largest F&I product administrator companies. George and his wife, Veronika, enjoy spending time with their three daughters and five grandchildren.

You can contact him at 206-946-2323 or email him at georgeb@cbamoney.com.

Michael Toms

Michael Toms: Regional Sales Manager


Mike has automotive sales leadership and vendor experience. He has held executive positions with CarMax, Ford and Toyota. Mike knows the F&I industry and has management experience with three of the largest F&I product administrators. He and his wife live in Virginia. On weekends, they can often be found sailing the waters of the Chesapeake Bay with family and friends.

You can contact Mike at 540-748-0174 or email him at michaelt@cbamoney.com.

Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett:  Regional Sales Manager

Mike has over 25 years of automotive experience in both retail automotive management as well as large platform software solutions sales, training and consulting on a national level. He holds a Master of Science degree in Project Management from Western Carolina University and enjoys spending time with his wife Penny his children; Austin and Jordan and his grandchild Wren. Mike has a passion for all things automotive and for giving the absolute best customer service and experience to the clients he works with on a daily basis.

Contact him at 828-450-3004 or email him at bennettm@cbamoney.com.

David J. McCready

David J. McCready:  Information Director

A graduate of Bryant and Stratton Business Institute with a degree in Accounting, Dave knows cars inside and out.  He was a race car driver for 17 years before becoming a track promoter and PA announcer.   He is the proud father of his son, Patrick.  Dave enjoys Karaoke and is an avid Buffalo Bills fan.  He has officiated high school basketball for 30 years.  Dave says, “Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department and better for your F&I department.” 

Call him at 716-560-2864 or email him at davem@cbamoney.com.

Steve Muffley

Steve Muffley:  National Training Manager


Steve has over 20 years in the automotive industry with an extensive focus on training and development. He has a wealth of presentation expertise and is a subject matter expert, having created and facilitated instructor led training across three disciplines. Steve resides in Conroe, Texas with his beautiful wife of 14 years, and their two boys and three dogs.

Contact him at 832-205-7508 or email him at muffleys@cbamoney.com.

Abdullah Hampton

Abdullah Hampton: Office Manager


Abdullah is an Army Veteran who was born and raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He previously was a Timeshare Salesperson and worked as an Office Coordinator at an Atlantic City casino. Abdullah enjoys video gaming, basketball, jogging and time with friends and family.

Call him at 609-568-5701 or email him at abdullahh@cbamoney.com.

Cort Moritz

Cort Moritz: Territory - New York, Connecticut, New Jersey


Cort is a graduate of Brooklyn College with a degree in Business. He has over 15 years of automotive management experience holding major positions with the largest auto finance companies and as an owner of a dealership. Cort is the proud father of his 4 year old son, Reid, and is happily married to his wife Ryan. He enjoys vehicle restoration and cross country family trips. Cort brings a unique style and approach to business with a focus on growing his clients portfolio by leveraging his industry relationships.

Contact him at 917-974-0543 or email him at cortm@cbamoney.com.

Tom Stang

Tom Stang:  Territory - Wisconsin


Tom Stang has over 20 years of successful dealership experience in Wisconsin. Tom has trained and mentored many productive sales people, sales managers and finance managers. Tom enjoys auto racing and competitive endurance sports. Call Tom today to bring his passion for success into your business today. C. Berman Associates and Tom can help you make more money now!

Contact Tom at 262-720-6223 or tstang@cbamoney.com.

Rich Cirillo

Rich Cirillo:  Territory - New York, Long Island Area

Rich is a native New Yorker with over 25 years of automotive experience. He has extensive knowledge in all aspects of the industry and has owned and operated his own dealership. Rich has mentored and trained several successful managers in the industry, some of which are now prominent general managers, as well as successful business owners.  Rich has a degree in Culinary Arts and has two pilot television shows. He is the proud father of four children and recently became a grandfather.  Rich enjoys boating, fishing, skiing and writing children's stories. He is dedicated to his craft and believes that customer satisfaction is key to his success.

Call him at 516-537-2748 or email him at richc@cbamoney.com.

Rick Perreault

Rick Perreault:  Territory - Vermont; born in Burlington, VT

A graduate of Castleton State College with a BS in Business Administration and AFIP certified, Rick is the ultimate sales professional with extensive retro and reinsurance program knowledge.  He has held numerous training seminars that have resulted in increased product sales and profits.  Rick is a happy husband and proud father of two sons, Mathew and Derrick.  He enjoys boating, golf, skiing, baseball, football and hockey.  Rick says, “Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department and better for your F&I department.”

Call him at 802-825-8125 or email him at rickp@cbamoney.com.

Josh Uttamsingh

Josh Uttamsingh: Territory - South Carolina, Georgia


Born in Mumbai India, now residing in South Carolina, Josh graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. He has over 30 years of dealership management experience in upstate New York from sales to F&I. Josh is AFIP certified. Josh and his wife are the proud parents of two amazing daughters both attending The University of Rochester. He loves golf and college football, especially the LSU Tigers. Josh says, "We are not only better for the F&I department, we are better for the entire dealership including your customers. Our service to the dealer is second to none."

Contact him at 315-297-5667 or email him at joshu@cbamoney.com.

Joss Greene

Joss Greene:Territory - Washington, Oregon


Joss is a native of the Pacific Northwest and studied Finance and Marketing at Washington State University. He has over 20 years of retail automotive experience including sales, finance, and Sales Manager. Joss has a broad understanding of what it takes to increase dealer profits, performance, and customer satisfaction. He enjoys life on and off the job happily sharing his love for good food, good music and the great outdoors with his family and friends. I understand exactly how important your dealership's bottom line is and how to increase your profitability. I've put in the time, done the job, and know what it takes to be the best. I will help you get there.

Joss can be reached at 360-281-4999 or jossg@cbamoney.com.

Joost de Jong

Joost de Jong:  Territory - Washington


Joost (Yost) is originally from the Netherlands and moved throughout California as a young adult before settling in Washington State. This is where he entered the automotive industry, advancing through most positions in the dealership. Joost has over 16 years of automotive business experience, and understands all aspects of what makes a dealership thrive. He is happily married and enjoys going to concerts with his wife. Joost enjoys helping and training people to exceed their personal goals. During the World Cup soccer events you may have to speak a little louder, but call Joost any time at 206-376-5808 or email him at joostd@cbamoney.com.
Bob Hagenbuch

Bob Hagenbuch:  Territory - New York

Bob Hagenbuch is a native of Central New York and continues to live there with his wife, daughter and son.  Bob has over two decades of automobile business experience.   He studied Civil Engineering at Alfred State College, was a member of the wrestling team and the Psi Delta Omega fraternity.  He continues to be a wrestling official and has recently represented Section IV at the NY State tournament.  Bob is an avid hunter and sports fan and loves the NY Yankees.  Bob says call me, “because you will experience a positive difference in your CSI, F&I and your service department.”

Contact Bob at 607-316-8873 or bobh@cbamoney.com.

Matt Damato

Matt Damato:  Territory – Illinois and Minnesota; born in Chicago

Matt has over 20 years in the automotive industry with 15 years as an F&I manager/director. He has a strong understanding of what it takes to make a department successful and profitable by selling more products and is willing to work closely with the dealership personnel to help them succeed. He is happily married and enjoys spending time with his wife and their 4 children. He loves to golf and is a huge Chicago sports fan. Matt says to call him and let him show you how the products that he has to offer can help your F&I Department, Service Department and Sales Department generate more income.

Call him at 630-696-6074 or email him at mattd@cbamoney.com.

Kenneth  H. Sheppard

Kenneth H. Sheppard, III:  Territory - Indiana, Southern Michigan, Eastern Illinois and Northern Kentucky; resides in Indianapolis.

A graduate of Missouri Southern College, Ken has over 25 years of experience in selling and training car dealers on finance, insurance and other aftermarket products.  Ken is AFIP certified and has worked at dealerships both selling cars and as an F&I Manager.  Ken is a wonderful husband and proud father of five children. He enjoys golf and NFL football.

Ken says, “Call me at 765-744-3299 or email me at kens@cbamoney.com if you want to increase your vehicle sales, make more money in your F&I department, or both.”

Jeremy Little

Jeremy Little: Territory – North Florida and South Georgia


Jeremy has over 17 years of Dealership Management and Automotive Aftermarket experience. He has partnered with numerous Dealers throughout the country providing consulting on Sales, Service, Parts and F&I processes that lead to increases in income and repeat business. He is dedicated to helping Dealers utilize the tools we have to maximize F&I opportunities, improve customer loyalty and increase CSI. Jeremy is happily married and the proud father of three. He enjoys live sporting events, concerts, golf and the beach.He believes in serving his customers better than anyone else!

Call him at 904-545-9430 or email him at jeremyl@cbamoney.com.

Christine H. Farnan

Christine H. Farnan:  Territory - Eastern New York; born in Albany, NY


A graduate of Siena College, Christine has over 25 years experience in the automotive industry.  She has worked with many dealers consulting and training while increasing their overall profitability in aftermarket sales.  She has two sons currently attending college and playing hockey in the Junior/NCAA College level.  Christine is involved with numerous charitable organizations in which she volunteers and dedicates many hours to these worthy causes.  She is very passionate about her profession.  Christine says, “Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department and better for your F & I department.”  

Contact Christine at 518-469-1092 or christinef@cbamoney.com.
Jason Galizia

Jason Galizia:  Territory - Texas


Jay is a no-nonsense, uncomplicated car guy with 2 decades of automotive dealership management and F&I experience.  He has a very strong understanding of the big picture.  Jay has successfully trained dealership personnel to exceed their loftiest goals and has a proven track record of making average F&I managers into strong Business Managers.  His knowledge and experience with all facets of process and departments is priceless.  He enjoys boating, fishing and is a big boxing fan.

Call him at 512-749-9080 or email him at jayg@cbamoney.com.
Joshua Richards

Joshua Richards:  Territory - Kentucky


Josh has an MBA in Marketing from Colorado Technical University. He is a Kentucky native and is proud to bring additional profitability and customer satisfaction to dealerships in his home state through our Agency offerings. Josh is an expert in F&I products and finds gaps of coverage based on the dealer’s inventory. If a gap exists our products can assist! He is happily married to his wife, Whitney and has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.

Contact Josh at 606-205-8414 or email him at joshr@cbamoney.com.

Jason Kasper

Jason Kasper: Territory - Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia


Jason is a native Pennsylvanian with 9 years of automotive management experience. He loves when consumers benefit from having their vehicles protected by good F&I products. Jason is the proud father of two sons, Logan 18 and Ethan 12. He enjoys hunting, fishing and being apart of his community. Jason has been coaching youth basketball for over 15 years. There is nothing more important to him than being a part of a team and being a team player. Jason firmly believes that Together Everyone Achieves More. He would love to be a part of your team.

You can reach Jason at 814-232-7964 or email him at jasonk@cbamoney.com.

Steve Glass

Steve Glass: Territory – North Carolina, South Carolina


Steve has over 20 years of automotive experience, primarily in finance. He is married to Elizabeth for over 34 years with three great kids, Ashley, Jamie and Christopher. Steve was born and raised in Kentucky and is a huge Kentucky Wildcat and Cincinnati Bengals fan. When it comes to his personal life and his business, he believes that communication and integrity are the keys to long term success. If you want to provide great customer service, increase product sales all while increasing your bottom line, call Steve at 803-431-6160 or email him at steveg@cbamoney.com.

Jeremy Osborne

Jeremy Osborne: Territory - Southern California


Jeremy began his career in the car business nearly 30 years ago by scrubbing the floors of the Service Department on the weekends. His dynamic personality got him an invitation to the sales floor selling, not scrubbing. Jeremy has spent the last 20 years growing in the Finance Department. When he is not working hard for you, Jeremy can be found on a mountain bike trail with his family. This happy husband and father of two says call him because he is committed to helping your dealership exceed in all areas.

Call Jeremy 949-378-9996 at or email him at jeremyo@cbamoney.com.


Lakeysha Berzat-Blayne:Territory - Texas, Louisiana


Lakeysha is a graduate of the University of Houston-Downtown in Houston, Texas and has a BBA in Marketing. A Houston native, she is a proud wife and mother to a 12 year old son who plays baseball and basketball. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling. Her career background includes Real Estate Lending, Customer Service, Branch Management and Finance Manager. Putting her clients needs first is what drives her and what has made her very successful in her career. Determined to increase your dealer's profit and product penetrations is her main focus and she will go above and beyond to provide.

Please call her at 832-356-0048 or email her at  lakeyshab@cbamoney.com.

Mike Melia

Mike Melia: Territory – Florida


Mike graduated Robert Morris College with a Bachelor's Degree with a Major in Accounting. His automotive career includes dealership and dealership servicing positions. Mike started his automotive career as an F&I Manager in Pittsburgh. He managed the the Southwest and Southeast territories for Chrysler Vehicle Service Contracts. Mike enjoys spending time at home with his longtime girlfriend Jaruwan and their 3 dogs. In his 19 year automotive career Mike has always put his customer's needs first. Call Mike to see what having a business partner who is committed to helping you achieve your goals with F&I, CSI and Service can mean for your dealership.

Call him at 954-826-8400 or email him at mikem@cbamoney.com.

Geoffrey P. Frey Geoffrey P. Frey - Senior Agent: Territory Connecticut and Eastern New York; born in Manchester, CT

Geoff is the ultimate car guy having experienced almost every scenario.  He consistently increases dealership profitability.  He is the proud father of daughter Christine and son in law JT. Geoff is also the proud grandfather of twin girls, Maddie and Olivia.  He loves golf, UConn basketball and especially the Boston Red Sox.  Geoff says, “Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department and better for your F&I department.” 

Call him at 860-818-7391 or email him at gfrey@cbamoney.com.
Ed Grabowski

Ed Grabowski: Territory – Massachusetts


Ed a Boston native and has been in the automobile business since 1983 in both Franchised and Independent Dealerships. His extensive experience includes almost every dealership position from Sales to F&I, Management, Commercial, Fleet and ownership. Ed has successfully trained dealership personnel increasing sales and profits. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Nancy, and their sons, Patrick and Tim. Ed is a lifelong Sox and Pats fan who also enjoys everything New England has to offer. He knows that there is no substitute for great customer service and working as a team to deliver winning results.

Call Ed at 781-330-9793 or email him at edg@cbamoney.com.

Bill Van Stine

Bill Van Stine: Territory – Florida


Bill graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a minor in Economics. He has over 20 years of extensive financial automotive management experience. Bill prides himself on maximizing customer satisfaction, profits and synergy between departments. He has trained numerous F&I Managers that readily admit to the appreciation of his efforts. Bill enjoys white water kayaking and strategic gaming.

Contact him at 786-644-3099 or billv@cbamoney.com.

Donny Hannum

Donny Hannum: Territory - Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia


Donny Hannum was born and raised in the suburbs of Richmond Virginia. He attended Virginia Commonwealth University and is an accomplished glass artist. Donny has over 18 years of experience in Finance, Insurance and Dealership Management. He is an avid boater who enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. Donny believes in top notch customer service and is committed to providing your dealership a total solution that will increase sales, profitability and customer retention.

Contact Donny at 804-357-3856 or email him at donnyh@cbamoney.com.

Rob Black

Rob Black: Territory - Virginia, North Carolina


Rob started in the auto industry in 1994 working in Parts and Service then transitioning into Sales and ultimately F&I. He has also spent time as a licensed Insurance Agent and as a Lender in both Virginia and North Carolina. Rob and his wife have 2 children: Ryan and Elizabeth. He is an avid sports fan in his spare time. Rob enjoys fundraising for the South Hill Shrine Club, where he serves as President. He says, "Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your Service Department, better for your Used Car Department and better for your F&I Department".

Contact Rob at 434-917-2866 or email him at robb@cbamoney.com.

Guy Valverde

Guy Valverde: Territory - New Mexico


Guy is a USAF veteran having been an Aircraft Electrician on the F15 Fighter Jet. He has spent the last two decades in the automotive dealership management for large franchises. Guy's positions have included Sales Manager, Trainer, F&I Manager and Director. He knows the right product mix for any dealership, large or small. Guy says, "Give me a call so I can explain and show you how our Company can take your Finance Department to the next level."

Contact him anytime day or night at 505-573-5453 or email him at guyv@cbamoney.com.

Bill Flower

Bill Flower: Territory - Maryland, Delaware, Virginia


Bill has over 25 years of automotive management experience. His career includes Sales Consultant, New Vehicle Manager, Pre-owned Manager, Finance Manager and General Sales Manager. Bill is happy when helping others to be more successful. He and his wife Debbie have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Bill enjoys running, golf, football, baseball and basketball.

He says, "Helping you be more successful is my first priority!" Call Bill at 443-752-6146 or email him at billf@cbamoney.com.

Erin Brinkerhoff

Erin Brinkerhoff: Territory - Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island


Erin has over 18 years in the automotive industry. She has worked as a sales consultant, Sales Manager, General Sales Manager and Finance Director. Erin has a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to make a department successful and profitable. She is a huge Boston sports fan and believes whole heartedly that Tom Brady is the greatest of all time! Call Erin today and let her show you how the products she has to offer will make you and your dealership more money.

Call Erin at 781-526-5488 or email her at erinb@cbamoney.com.

Daryll Rodriguez

Daryll Rodriguez: Territory - Texas


Daryll is originally from Cuba and moved to Austin, TX in 1997. He started in the automotive business when he was a senior in high school as a detailer eventually working the Service department and then Sales. Darylleventually worked his way up to become an excellent F&I person. He loves sports, boating, music, outdoors and dancing. Daryll is a big Texas Longhorns fan. He prideshimself on being big on family and providing the best level of service to his dealers. Darylllooks forward to doing business soon and believes in transformational not transactional.

Contact him at 512-750-8804 or email him at drodrigueztx@cbamoney.com.

James Kuykendall

James Kuykendall:  Territory – Missouri, Illinois


James is originally from North Carolina, but has spent most of his life in St. Louis. He has 26 years of automotive management experience most of which was spent in F&I and more recently as the representative for a financial institution. James is happily married and is the proud father of Tyler and Abbi.  He is a huge fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Chiefs. James enjoys golfing, fishing, wood working, vintage auto restoration and his dog Tabby. He says, “Call me to raise the bar in your F&I and Service departments.”

Contact James at 618-741-5288 or email him at jamesk@cbamoney.com.
Joshua Robbins

Joshua Robbins:  Territory – California


Josh is a graduate of Thomas More University and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration.  He has over 20 year’s sales experience, with a decade in automotive internet sales and F&I.  Josh enjoys traveling and being outdoors with his wife and two children.  This happy husband and father of two understands the importance of increasing the overall production of your dealership, at all levels.  

Contact Josh for friendly, fast, and excellent service of all your dealership needs at 909-414-7345 or joshuar@cbamoney.com.

Jeff Winsor

Jeff Winsor:  Territory – Colorado, Wyoming


Jeff is a Colorado native and currently resides in Northern Colorado.  He has 25 years of automotive management experience ranging from Sales to F&I to General Manager.  Jeff has extensive experience building top notch F&I teams with consistent profitability.  He is married with 2 grown children and enjoys spending time with them when possible.  Jeff also has a passion for traveling.  Call him  today.  He is no nonsense.  He will shoot you straight and give you the best options to help you maximize your F&I profits. 

Call Jeff at 303-638-7338 or email him at jeffw@cbamoney.com

Rollie Skur

Rollie Skur:  Territory – Ohio, Pennsylvania


Rollie is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s Degree with an emphasis in business received through a football scholarship.  He has over 28 years of F&I experience as a Department Manager, Director, sub-prime trainer and consultant.  Rollie is the proud father of two daughters and cherishes the time they spend together.  He is an active fan for his hometown Cleveland Browns, Indians and Cavaliers and enjoys golfing.  Call Rollie to increase your profit and penetration in your finance and used car departments and your customer loyalty in your service department.  As a team we will help you grow. 

Please call Rollie at 440-554-7169 or email him at rollies@cbamoney.com.

Jimmy Wilson

Jimmy Wilson:  Territory - Georgia


Jimmy was born in Texas and raised in Iowa. He attended NW Missouri State studying Marketing/Management and Computer Science. Jimmy has over 30 years in Sales & Finance Management with 20 years in the automotiveindustry initially in New York and now South Carolina and Georgia. He has been happily married for 20 years to his "sweetheart" Josie. Jimmy is a diehard Iowa Hawkeye fan, an avid golfer and has a passion to help out with local "Adaptive Golf" programs, donating his time helping the disabled learn to play golf. He says, "My goal is to provide great customer service while maximizing F&I profits, increasing product penetration and profitability."

Contact Jimmy at 843-422-6461 or email him at jimmyw@cbamoney.com.
Igor Golovin

Igor Golovin:  Territory - Wisconsin, Illinois


Igor has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. He stared in Sales and moved on to Finance Manager, Director, Sales Manager and General Manager. Igor has trained many successful Managers and has a strong understanding of day to day operations of a successful dealership while keeping customers as the main focus. Igor enjoys spending time with his wife, Denise, and recently became a Grandfather to Kate and Alex. He works when you work. Igor says, "Our products will help your business increase profitability while keeping both your employees and customers happy."

Call him at 414-699-3030 or email him at igorg@cbamoney.com.
Chad Holbert

Chad Holbert:  Territory - Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island


Chad has been in the automotive industry for 21 years. He has worked his way up the corporate ladder from Sales to General Sales Manager to Finance Director.Chad enjoys developing and training business managers to be successful and profitable. He lives in beautiful Cape Cod, MA with its wonderful beaches and gorgeous views. Chad enjoys spending time with his wife and children and is the proud father of a 2020 Bentley graduate who received their highest honor and was inducted into the Falcon Society. Chad says, "Allow me the opportunity to show you what I can do for you. I know we can increase your bottom line together."

Call him at 781-389-5295 or email him at chadh@cbamoney.com.
David Nichols

David Nichols:  Territory - Kansas, Missouri


David was born and raised in the Kansas City Metro area and has worked in the automotive industry for 15 years holding numerous dealership management positions. His intensity, energy and love for the automotive business allow him to provide the best solutions and products that best suit his dealers, their teams and their clients. David is the blessed father of 5 children and fiancé to his soul mate, Amanda. He loves the great outdoors and fishing, exploring, boating and anything nature.

Call David at 913-291-8118 or email him at davidn@cbamoney.com.
Jim Williams

Jim Williams:  Territory - Alabama


Jim is a native of Alabama and has over 27 years in the automotive industry, with 21 years as an F&I Director/ Manager and National Trainer. He is AFIP Certified with superior negotiating skills and the ability to maximize profits for companies. Jim has a strong understanding of what dealers are looking for to take their F&I Departments to the next level. He is a proud parent to his daughter Jacquelyn, who recently graduated from Coastal Carolina University. Jim has enjoyed studying and training in martial arts beginning at age 15. Contact him to motivate and accelerate growth in your finance department.

You may call Jim directly at 843-504-4810 or email him at jimw@cbamoney.com.
Craig Sollitto

Craig Sollitto:  Territory - New York, Connecticut, New Jersey


Craig is a native of Brooklyn, NY and studied Finance and History at PACE University. Prior to his automotive career, he worked at Prudential Securities. For the last 20 years, Craig has successfully worked as a Finance Manager in the largest auto dealerships in the New York Tri-State area. He is active in charity organizations and completed two New York City marathons in support of Breast Cancer awareness and to benefit St. Jude Children's Hospital. When not working, Craig can be often found fishing on the Atlantic coast and enjoying all that New York has to offer.

Call Craig at 917-287-0691 or email him at craigs@cbamoney.com.
Ben Samuels

Ben Samuels:  Territory - Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas


Ben attended Louisiana State University and has returned home to north Louisiana after spending many years in Lower Alabama. He has spent time in various aspects of the automotive industry including Sales, F&I, New Car Manager, and Pre-Owned Manager. Ben is dedicated to helping dealerships improve their clientele's satisfaction in both the F&I and Service Departments. An avid fan of thoroughbred racing, LSU sports, and the New Orleans Saints, he is happily married with a son and a daughter, who are the only things more important to him than helping you find ways to improve your dealership's profits.

Call Ben at 251-689-0935 or email him at bens@cbamoney.com.
Nelson Peterson

Nelson Peterson:  Territory - California


Nelson is a native New Yorker now residing in California. He is a seasoned veteran in the automotive industry with over 25 years of experience. Nelson started in Sales and worked his way into Finance and has 15 years of experience as a Sales Manager. He has excelled over the years because he puts his client's needs first. When not working, Nelson enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, great food and following his beloved New York Yankees and Golden State Warriors. He has a great understanding of what it takes to increase your sales and dealership profits.

You can contact Nelson anytime at 510-435-9978 or email him at nelsonpeterson@cbamoney.com.
Gary Sorter

Gary Sorter:  Territory - California


Gary grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois Metropolis, Illinois "Home of Superman" and attended Southern Illinois University studying Business Administration. He has worked in retail automotive business and management for over 25 years. Gary has had the great fortune of helping and supporting team members to their highest and best performances. He is a husband, father and dog lover. Gary enjoys traveling, camping and hiking with his family, skiing, fishing and golfing. His ultimate goal is always to support others in the automotive industry to help them achieve their highest potential through training and mentoring.

Contact Gary at 619-993-9166 or email him at garys@cbamoney.com.
William Coughenour

William Coughenour:  Territory – Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, West Virginia


Bill is a graduate of Slippery Rock University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and was a runner on the Track and Cross-Country teams.  He has 23 years of automotive experience, 4 years as a sales consultant and 19 years in various management roles, 17 of which was spent in the Finance Office.  In addition to running one of the finance offices, Bill was also responsible for the training and seasoning of all Finance Managers. He enjoys staying fit and does so by cycling and Taekwondo.  There is nothing more important to him than being part of a team who can deliver you more profits and "peace of mind". 

You can call Bill anytime 24/7 at 724-355-7348 or email him at billc@cbamoney.com.


Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams:  Territory - North Carolina, Virginia


Kevin has over 23 years of experience in the automotive industry with 18 years as an F&I Manager. He most recently held positions as a New and Used Car Sales Manager. Kevin is originally from upstate New York. He has been happily married for 31 years with two children and two grandchildren. Kevin enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and traveling with his wife to the mountains and ocean. His goal is to be able to help your Service and Finance departments grow to new heights!

Contact Kevin at 518-461-3599 or email him at kevinw@cbamoney.com.

Robert Kilpatrick

Robert Kilpatrick:  Territory - Texas, Oklahoma


Robert attended the University of Texas and completed several management courses through Villanova University. He resides in Dallas, TX. Robert has over 35 years of automotive executive experience in numerous dealership management positions. A large portion of his career has involved representation for automotive manufacturers. Robert has many automotive certifications. He and his wife are the proud parents of six children. Robert's passion is customer service.

Contact him at 214-732-8897 or email him at robertk@cbamoney.com.

Gary Salijko

Gary Salijko:  Territory - Pennsylvania, New Jersey


Gary is a graduate of the Mansfield University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Management. He has held various management positions at dealerships and trained some of the highest producing Finance Managers. Gary has extensive knowledge as it relates to the F&I position and knows what it takes to succeed. He is happily married to his wife, Kristin and they have two amazing children, Austin and Gary III. Gary enjoys spending his free time with his family, collecting sports memorabilia and is a big Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Contact him at 570-561-3122 or email him at gsalijko@cbamoney.com.

Brad Centers

Brad Centers:  Territory - Ohio


Brad began his career in the automotive industry at an early age and now has over a decade of dealership management experience from Sales Manager, F&I Manager to General Manager. He understands the importance of maximizing dealer profitability as well as having a great business relationship and putting your business's needs first. In his free time, Brad is involved with many local charity organizations and enjoys camping with his wife and two dogs. He says, "Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department and better for your F&I department."

Contact Brad at 937-638-3684 or email him at bradc@cbamoney.com.

Scott Blomquist

Scott Blomquist:  Territory – Florida


Scott has a Business Degree from SUNY Canton. He has 25 years of experience in automotive sales and finance. Scott has held many positions in dealership management along with finance training. He is originally from Buffalo, NY but has resided in Punta Gorda, FL for the past 25 years. Scott is married to his beautiful wife Linda for 30 years and they have three children, Amanda, Mark and Matthew. He enjoys traveling, wine tasting and is an avid Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres fan. Scott always makes himself available to his dealers 24 hours a day and says, “Treat others the same way you want to be treated yourself.”

He can be reached at 941-626-4495 or via email at scottb@cbamoney.com.

Steven Hall

Steven Hall:  Territory – Florida, Alabama


Steven started college at the age of 16 and graduated at the age of 18 from Bishop State with Honors and on the Dean’s and President’s lists. He has been in the automotive industry his entire life working in Service, Sales, Internet, F&I and as a General Manager. Steven stays involved in deals and enjoying closing a deal that others gave up on. He enjoys constantly learning and always has audio books queued up and ready for listening. Steven enjoys Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and being outdoors. He has never been a stranger to working long hours and is available at any time to help your dealership become more profitable.

Contact him at 251-229-6962 or email him at stevenh@cbamoney.com.

Richard Cantabrana

Richard Cantabrana:  Territory – Arizona


Richard was born in California and raised in Arizona. He has 5 years of F&I and 16 years of total Automotive Management experience. In his free time he finds enjoyment coaching his son’s baseball team and focusing on his health and fitness. Richard loves to travel and visit different baseball stadiums, and also enjoys helping people and making a difference in their lives.

Contact him at 928-261-9126 or email him at richardc@cbamoney.com.

Kristin Frey

Kristin Frey:  Territory – California


Kristin attended Riverside Community College and calls California her home. She started in the automotive business in high school working part time. Kristin has held positions from receptionist to sales, F&I, Special F&I, and Desk Manager. She takes pride in her relationships and customer service with dealer partners and she ALWAYS puts them first. Kristin enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching college football (GO Boise State), and horse racing!

Call her at 657-549-7783 or email her at kristinf@cbamoney.com.

Dirk Ballew

Dirk Ballew:  Territory – Oklahoma


Dirk, has a Bachelor of Business Administration from OSU/NSU with an emphasis in sales and sales promotions. He is a true and proud “Okie from Muskogee”. Dirk has over 20 years of management and F&I experience in the automotive, motorcycle, and RV industries. He is a passionate wrestling fan and loves all Oklahoma State University athletics. Reach out to Dirk to leverage his experience and versatility to maximize your dealership’s profitability.

Contact him at 405-992-7869 or email him at dirkb@cbamoney.com.

Derek Meyers

Derek Meyers:  Territory – Minnesota, Nebraska


Derek is a Minnesota native with over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry. He has held various management positions from sales to F&I and GSM. Derek understands all aspects of a dealership to help make it thrive. He has helped coach and develop numerous successful Finance Managers and happily works closely with finance teams to help them become successful. Derek is happily married to his wife Neasha and they have two amazing children; Brielle and Dalton. He enjoys snowmobiling, camping, anything powersports related, and is an avid Vikings and Wild fan.

Contact Derek at 763-286-4448 or by emailing him at derekm@cbamoney.com.

Denise Harrelson

Denise Harrelson:  Territory – Georgia


Denise was born and raised in South Georgia. She started her career in banking, and entered automotive management 14 years ago running the largest GM wholesale power train division in the southeastern United States. In recent years Denise performed F&I for a large auto group. She is an avid supporter of the Georgia Bulldogs. Denise enjoys spending time with her family, especially her 3 grandchildren, and can usually be found at one of their sporting events.

Contact her at 912-245-4321 or email her at deniseh@cbamoney.com.

Dan Swanson

Dan Swanson:  Territory – California


Dan is a San Francisco Bay area native and graduate from University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Social Psychology and a minor in Economics. He has 20 years of automotive retail management experience with a majority of that in the finance department as a producer and director. Dan is the proud father of his 3 year old son Elliot and is happily married to his wife Hilary. He enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, competitive BBQ’ing and river and ocean kayaking. Dan is completely focused on finding solutions for his customers to help them achieve their goals.

Contact him at 510.637.8933 or email at dans@cbamoney.com.

Samantha Cirillo

Samantha Cirillo:  Territory – New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida


Samantha has been surrounded by the automotive industry since she was a child. Her father owned several dealerships in the New York region and has been an agent with C Berman Associates for over a decade. Samantha is very knowledgeable, caring, focused, and determined. She has several certifications in the healing arts departments as a Reiki Master, an animal rehab specialist, and a professional sound healer. In Samanth’s spare time she enjoys playing instruments, hiking, and spending time with animals. She is dedicated to her craft and believes listening to the customer’s needs while establishing a loyal trusting relationship is the key to success.

You can reach Samantha at 516-428-1134 or email her at samanthac@cbamoney.com.

Brett Williams

Brett Williams:  Territory – Indiana


Brett has been in the car business for 20 years.He started in sales and quickly progressed into F&I and loves finding the perfect solution for every customer. In his free time you can find him on the golf course, bowling alley, or perhaps just relaxing to smooth jazz while sipping on some tea.Brett says, “Let me partner with you to help you increase your customer’s satisfaction with their vehicle purchase as well as maximize your dealer’s profit on every deal!”

Contact him at 260-243-0204 or email him at williamsb@cbamoney.com.

Donnie Taylor

Donnie Taylor:  Territory – Virginia


Donnie has over 30 years of dealership experience where he has managed finance, sales and general management including owning his own dealership. He believes that customer service is key to being successful in any aspect of business. He is a native of the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and in his off time he enjoys time spent with his 3 children whom he is very proud of; Amanda, Chase and Cassidy and his 3 grandkids; Bradley, Zachary and Lyndsey. When Donnie isn’t with them he tends to be at the drag strip racing on his Prostreet motorcycle as he loves the challenge, competition and speed.

Contact him at 757-874-1000 or email him at taylord@cbamoney.com.

Steven Webster

Steven Webster:  Territory – Nevada


Steve has 30 years of experience in the auto industry selling and training dealers throughout the country on finance, insurance and aftermarket products. He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida where he was a twoyear starter at strong safety for the Knights football team. In his offtime Steve enjoys coaching his 10yearold son Stevie on his baseball and football teams and spending time with his 3 daughters; Cassandra, Kaley and Trinity as well as his grandkids.

Contact him at 702-218-3513 or email him at websters@cbamoney.com.

Devin Greene

Devin Greene:  Territory – Washington


Devin has 17 years of automotive retail and field sales experience. She attended The University of Texas and served six years in the US Army. Devin’s deep understanding of each of her client’s needs has enabled her to help them implement customized strategies and solutions to successfully achieve their goals. In her spare time you can find Devin making amazing dinners and enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her family and friends.

Contact her at 360-281-6856 or email her at greened@cbamoney.com.

Howard Bassuk

Howard Bassuk:  Territory – Florida


Howard was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Miami, Florida. He has an extensive background in sales management and Highline dealerships. Howard has won many awards in those fields and has always been one of the top producers. He owned an automotive export company that supplied all types of vehicles to south east Asia.Howard gets things accomplishedand strives to be the best he can be. He believes that customer service has always been the answer to success.Howard has two boys, loves going on vacations all over the world andispassionate aboutcars.

Contact him at 786-255-9991 or email him at bassukh@cbamoney.com.

Ana Alexander

Ana Alexander:  Territory – New Mexico


Ana is originally from Sinaloa, Mexico and moved to Moab, Utah at the age of 10. She attended Utah State University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and currently resides in New Mexico. Ana has 20 years of experience in the automobile industry with positions as an F&I manager, sales manager, and the most recent as an F&I trainer for GP Strategies on a General Motors Project. She is the proud mother of two boys; Armando and Julian Zamudio,enjoys the outdoors and loves New Mexico’s culture and history.

Contact her at 505-716-7760 or email her at anaa@cbamoney.com.

Jenna Diaz

Jenna Diaz:  Territory – California


Jenna grew up in Southern California and is an avid sports fan who has been to over half of the Major League Baseball Stadiums. She is a dog lover and volunteers at the Pasadena Humane Society.Jenna is a good strategic partner who will help you grow your business. She says,"Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department and better for your F&I department."

Contact her at 714-315-8741 or email her at diazj@cbamoney.com.

Jeffrey Donnelly

Jeffrey Donnelly:  Territory – Connecticut


Jeff has 20 years of dealership experience. He started out in sales and quickly moved into management. Jeff has many years of finance experience and has spent the last few years training and supporting dealerships in the New England region. When not helping develop and support local dealers he can be found on a golf course or out on the Connecticut River. Jeff is an avid sports fanof the 49ers, Red Sox, Notre Dame football and Huskies Basketball.

Contact him at 203-346-9320 or email him at donnellyj@cbamoney.com.

Adrienne Winsor

Adrienne Winsor:  Territory – Colorado


Adrienne is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder with a marketing degree. She has 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, holding positions forindirect lenders and product companies. Adrienne believes that building partnerships with a consultative approach is the key to success! She and her husband enjoy traveling, and beach vacations, and she has a passion for gardening and kayaking on the lake!

Contact Adrienne at 303-807-8166 or email her at winsora@cbamoney.com.

Matt Hollifield

Matt Hollifield:  Territory – Louisiana


Matt attended UL-Lafayette and obtained his Master’s in Education and Bachelor’s in Sports Medicinewhile participating in football and baseball. He has spent 10 years in the automotive industry working in F&I, and as a New Car Manager and Pre-Owned Manager. Matt is dedicated to helping dealerships improve their clientele’s satisfaction in both the F&I and Service Departments. Heis an avid fan of all sports, including the New Orleans Saints. Matt loves to travel and is happily married with two sons and a daughter, who are the only things more important to him than helping you find ways to maximize your dealership’s profits.

Contact him at 337-356-6987 or email him at hollifieldm@cbamoney.com.

Allen Crosby

Allen Crosby:  Territory – Ohio


Allen is originally from NW Iowa, and attended Mankato State University in Mankato Minnesota with a major in political science and minor in economics. He started in the automotive business in 1989 in sales and moved to F&I in 1996. Allen also worked in the construction industry building houses before getting intothe auto business. His hobbies include thoroughbred horse racing and breeding. Allenis a fan of the Minnesota Vikings and enjoys his time withhis yellow lab who keeps him running.

Contact him at 724-991-3860 or email him at crosbya@cbamoney.com.

Travis Cayaffa

Travis Cayaffa:  Territory – Utah, Idaho


Travis has over 20 years of experience in the car business, following in his father’s footsteps. His professional passion quickly became F&I; whether building relationships with lenders or closing deals in the F&I office. When Travis is not helping dealers to succeedhe can be found spending time in the great outdoors with his spouse and kids (boy/girl twins) or at a sporting event cheering on his favorite teams (Go Jazz!). He is eager to help you increase your F&I profitability and offer the highest quality products at your dealership.

Contact him at 801-372-6890 or email him at cayaffat@cbamoney.com.

Michael Velasquez

Michael Velasquez:  Territory – Texas


Michael has over 18 years in the automotive industry. He started in the automotive business in sales and worked his way up to opening and running many different dealerships. Michael loves playing golf, music, and spending time with his family. He prides himself on being big on family and takes his family values and welcomes every dealer as part of his family. Michael provides the highest level of service for his dealers and enjoys helping all of them to succeed.

Contact him at 361-655-6111 or email him at velasquezm@cbamoney.com.

Stephanie Roller

Stephanie Roller: Territory – Tennessee


Stephanie was catapulted into the car business at an auto auction while obtaining her Business & Accounting degree from Middle Tennessee State University; once she got in, she never got out. After receiving her degree, Stephanie managed many dealerships and eventually opened her own. She is working on a Master of Business Administration-Marketing that occupies most of her free time; Stephanie loves music & singing, reading, anything health-related, sports, and exercise. In her professional career, superior customer service is always a non-negotiable requirement.

Contact her at 931-808-7253 rollers@cbamoney.com.

Michael Fawcett

Michael Fawcett: Territory – New Jersey


Michael has over 30 years of experience in the retail automotive industry, holding positions from Finance and Sales Manager as well as Finance Director for some of the largest dealerships on the East Coast. His approach to business has always been 'service first' with a drive to build cooperative relationships. An automotive trainer at heart he always takes the time to best understand the needs of his dealer partners through a hands-on approach. Michael is an avid fan of the fantasy literature genre and when not reading can usually be found either fishing or fencing.

Contact him at 302-268-2563 or fawcettm@cbamoney.com.

Monty Smith

Monty Smith: Territory – South Carolina


Monty is a Native South Carolinian with over 3 decades of automobile industry experience. He has held roles as an Internet Manager, Finance Manager, Sales Manager, General Sales Manager and a General Manager. Monty and his wife Carol are proud parents of CJ and Shelby and Grandparents to Melia, Mason, Hampton, Hayden and Huck. He loves motorcycling, boating, and camping. Providing safety and security for his family and customers is a number one priority. Monty feels that every moment spent with his customers is an opportunity to make them and their entire dealership the very best that it can be.

Contact him at 803-761-2047 or smithm@cbamoney.com.

Joseph Lambert

Joseph Lambert: Territory – New Hampshire


Joe is a graduate from Central Connecticut State University, and holds a degree in Business Management. His experience in the automotive industry has established himself as a leader and go-getter with several major groups. Joe comes to the automotive industry after a lifelong career in strength and fitness. A former nationally ranked strongman, Joe has converted his passion for strength sports to a career in automotive relations. He was born on Long Island and by default this makes him a New Yorker, although he is a diehard New England sports fan. During his down time, he enjoys spending time with his family taking in the beautiful scenery of New Hampshire.

Contact Joe at 603-554-7893 or lambertj@cbamoney.com.

Brian Caffrey

Brian Caffrey: Territory – Georgia


Brian has decades of automotive management experience. He owned a F&I school and has taught numerous F&I personnel increasing their per copy and PVR. Brian also has significant RV management experience. He says “Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department, and better for your F&I department.”

Contact Brian at 847-902-0683 or caffreyb@cbamoney.com.

Theresa Serrano

Theresa Serrano: Territory – North and South Carolina


Theresa is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Industrial Psychology. She has over 20 years of automotive experience as an F&I Manager and as a dealership owner. Theresa was a trainer, member, and mentor at the Carolinas Independent Auto Dealers Association and enjoys collaborating on industry trends and pursuing profit avenues on behalf of fellow dealers. She thrives off relationship building and is dedicated to the dealers she collaborates with to ensure smooth processes and high profitability. Theresa enjoys car shows and has a pretty neat classic car collection. While not working; she enjoys time at both her beach home in South Carolina and her farm in North Carolina with her four children and her ever growing band of grandchildren.

Contact Theresa at 704-777-7467 or serranot@cbamoney.com.

Bobby Oliver

Bobby Oliver: Territory – Missouri


Bobby has been in the automotive industry for over 20 years with experience in management and high- level F&I training. He also has a massive background in desking and working with sales staff. Bobby enjoys helping dealers grow their bottom line everywhere from their service department all the way through finance. His multi focused approach also builds CSI scores. Bobby has been married to his wife Jeni for 15 years and has two boys Lewis and Calvin who loves hockey, football, and art! Contact him at 314-333-1603 or oliverr@cbamoney.com.

Matthew Bowling

Matthew Bowling: Territory – Ohio


Matt is proud to call the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area his home. He has almost a decade of experience in auto dealership sales and management having played pivotal roles in nurturing and grooming exceptional sales and finance professionals. Matt is a proud parent to a wonderful boy and girl. He enjoys boating and being on the water. He is an avid follower of Cincinnati sports, especially the Bengals (WHO DEY!), and loves to explore new corners of our world, both near and far. Matt thrives on staying active and cherishing quality moments with his kids, as well as seeking out novel experiences that life has to offer. Contact him at 513-882-6230 or bowlingm@cbamoney.com.

Ginger Aldave

Ginger Aldave: Territory – Oklahoma


Ginger is native of Oklahoma with over 20 years in the automotive industry through sales to finance director. She has a vast experience and understanding of dealership operations of business performance and ways to increase profits. Ginger is married and has daughters and grandchildren. She enjoys weekends seeking out new places, sites and restaurants. Ginger also enjoys football and music. She will help you increase sales, profitability with great customer satisfaction. Contact her at 918-766-1495 or aldaveg@cbamoney.com.

Montez Stewart

Montez Stewart: Territory – Tennessee


Montez is a graduate of the University of Virginia-College at Wise, with degrees in psychology and business. He was a member of the football and basketball teams while in college and was a three-time all-American athlete in football. After college Montez was able to continue his professional career in football prior to starting his career in the automotive business. He currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee where he has three daughters. Contact Montez at 865-438-1002 or stewartm@cbamoney.com.

Jeffrey Hobbs

Jeffrey Hobbs: Territory – Texas


Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. He has spent decades as an F&I consultant and helped numerous dealers surpass their greatest expectations. Jeff’s industry knowledge, experience and effectiveness at business building is second to none. He says “Call me because what we have is better for your customers, better for your service department, better for your used car department, and better for your F&I department.” Jeff and his wife, Dixie, are the proud parents of six children and seven grandchildren. They reside in the piney woods of Deep East Texas. Contact Jeff at 903-574-3555 or hobbsj@cbamoney.com.

Alexander Berman

Alexander Berman: Information Technology


Alexander has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania with a minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship specializing in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. He is an innovator and holds a US Patent for a universal screwdriver and has another patent pending for an augmented reality device. Alexander’s free time is occupied by his pet reptiles, the 76ers, Eagles and family.

You can contact him at 610-505-4422 or email him at AB@cbamoney.com.

Keith Rubin

Keith Rubin: Inside Sales Manager


Keith is a Pennsylvania State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He is an award winning multi-unit regional service manager with over two decades of experience. Current and prior responsibilities include overseeing day to day operations at multiple auto retail and repair facilities, P+L responsibilities, training, recruiting, customer service, and HR responsibilities. Keith is the proud father of twins, Maxwell and Landon. He is also the Cubmaster of Manchester Cub Scouts.

Call him at 732-228-0884 or email him at keithr@cbamoney.com.

Jacenia Medina

Jacenia Medina: Inside Sales


Jacenia resides in Mays Landing, NJ. She has 5 years of automotive sales experience and has great customer service skills. Jacenia's dream is to earn her Bachelor's Degree in Business and to travel to many places. She is an animal lover and enjoys the outdoors. Jacenia says, "Nothing is ever achieved from the comfort zone."

Call her at 609-727-6221 or email her at jaceniam@cbamoney.com.

John Adams

John Adams: Inside Sales


John has over 7 years of sales experience including a significant portion dedicated to inside sales. He has worked for local automobile dealerships and has extensive retail and customer service experience. When John is not working, he is an avid gamer and Philadelphia sports fanatic.

You can contact John at 609-816-5477 or email him at johna@cbamoney.com.

Troy Henderson

Troy Henderson - National Sales Support:  resides in Somers Point, NJ


Troy has 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. Troy is an F&I expert spending many years as an F&I Director of a large group. In addition, he spent 5 years as an F&I Trainer for JM&A.  He is the proud father of 3 sons and 2 daughters. Troy is an avid Phillies fan and he enjoys constructing WWII battleship models with his sons.

Call him at 609-470-1736 or email him at troyh@cbamoney.com.

Donna Lewis

Donna Lewis: Administrative Assistant


Donna has an Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies from Everest University in Miami, FL. She has over 20 years of automotive dealership experience handling every document and situation required in the automotive industry. Donna is the proud mother of a son and 3 daughters and has 4 grandchildren.Being a foster child, Donna has worked progressively to show her family that how you start out is not how you have to end.

Call her at 609-568-5701 or email her at donnal@cbamoney.com.

Tim Kane

Tim Kane: Administrative Assistant


Tim, born and raised in Philadelphia, has over 30 years of experience in the administrative and computer fields. He is a former Operations Assistant for a national outdoor advertising company. Tim is a lifelong Eagles and Flyers fan. In his younger years he was a professional bassist/musician and sound technician with bands. Tim currently enjoys classic car shows, live music, building computers, trivia, as well as learning about all things historic, natural, scientific and cutting-edge-tech related.

Call him at 609-568-5701 or email him at  timk@cbamoney.com.

Angel Jensen

Angel Jensen:  Administrative Assistant


Angel is a disabled army veteran who fought two tours in Afghanistan. He has 4 bachelor’s degrees in teaching, and accounting, and is fluent in 3 languages. Previously Angel was an area manager for H&R Block. He is involved with a nonprofit based out of Vineland NJ and enjoys running gaming tournaments, watching movies, math, and bettering himself every day.

You can reach Angel at 609-568-5701 or email him at angelj@cbamoney.com.

Angel Jensen

Trisha Randolph:  Administrative Assistant


Trisha is a native Philadelphian who moved to South Jersey 30 years ago. She has over 12 years of administrative experience which includes working at a local school for 7 years as an assistant to the middle school secretary. She has been married for 25 years and is the proud mother of 2 college students. Trisha enjoys making art (oil paintings), music/concerts, online gaming,Philadelphia sport teams and spending time outdoors with friends and family.

Contact her at 609-568-5701 or email her at trishar@cbamoney.com.

Contact your local agent or contact our main Sales Office at (866) 788-4343 or e-mail us at info@cbamoney.com to have an experienced C. Berman Associates Agent in your store tomorrow.